CIKU (奇库) is a brand search viral platform specializing in featuring the latest news and unique Trademark™ brands to the readers.

CIKU (奇库) is the 1st brand search viral platform combined with “intellectual property (IP) consultation”. One of the unique features of our website is that we only feature a trademark registered/filed brand on CIKU website in order to provide reliable products or services for the audience.

On top of that, all of the contents on our website is easy to understand and trustworthy, making our platform trusted by more than 1,200 SME clients.

In this digital era, we that internet marketing (social media advertising is just one of the many tools of internet/digital marketing) can be very costly. Moreover, deciding on how much to spend can be tricky, especially in branding at a cost-effective platform. As such, CIKU is proud to say that we are advertising platform so that our client can obtain a very engaging internet marketing to viral the brand’s content but at a relatively low budget. With that being said, CIKU will be the platform to share a part of the advertisement cost to promote the listed brands. On top of this, the first 200 registered brands will get 1 year of free listing in our system, which means free viral advertising fees for a year in CIKU!

We will continue to strive to be the platform to help brand owners achieve commercial success and profitably launch messages to a wide range of audience by combining the power of viral distribution and campaigns. Moreover, we aim to generate high-quality traffics and to build brand owner’s social media following and authority via social media sharing.

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