New favourites and must-have night routine for you! 🥰

Mamonde is a brand that conveys the values of confident women in pursuit of a world of their own, with its name indicating MA (my) + MONDE (world). Inspired by flowers and devoted to studying them for 28 years, Mamonde sincerely conveys
the amazing vitality and flowering energy of flowers in its products.

🌸 The newly launched Red Energy Power Duo consists of Red Energy Recovery Serum and Red Energy Sleeping Mask which are both so moisturizing and refreshing! Its sweet floral scent and lightweight texture definitely gives you a good night sleep and wakes you up with radiant and energized-looking skin! 😍 

The best selling Red Energy Recovery Serum contains 5x more powerful anti-oxidant, pomegranate polyphenol which gives you softer and smoother skin in 5 days, paired with the all-new Red Energy Sleeping Mask that relieves your skin concerns by strengthening your skin moisture barrier and boosting your skin firmness, together helping you to achieve Korean beauty glass skin!

And if you're someone who goes out to places everyday and sometimes work late, you will need this Blue Chamomile Soothing Repair Cream too! It helps to soothe and calm skin down from any irritation, suitable for sensitive skin or red skin tone caused by external environment. So amazed by its watery texture and instant cooling effect! ❄ 

Get yours now and become a Korean beauty!