Ever since the pandemic happened, vacations feel like a distant memory to most of us. Many of us dream of travelling again, let alone be anywhere else besides our living room. With lockdown guidelines still prevalent in Malaysia, we only hope that the situation gets better. Once everything eases down, there will be a travel boom where most of us will be prepared to book our holidays with our suitcases packed and ready to go. 

For this reason, we’ve curated a cute summer look ensemble for your next getaway. With our guidelines, prepping for your next trip is bound to be your easiest endeavour yet. Keep scrolling to shop these must-have items for your next getaway. After all, that vacay glow can be channelled from anywhere. 


You can't ever go wrong with a white t-shirt and the bottoms of your choice when you are just getting started on the day. It pretty much goes with anything - whether it be for sightseeing, dress up for the evening with colourful accessories, etc. Whatever style you prefer, a white tee is a holiday wardrobe must-have.


Whether it be boho, peasant, or flowy blouses, these designs were made for summer climates. You can add beautiful embroidered styles or lightweight broderie to your suitcase, to keep you cool and authentic as you travel around. Team them with skirts or blouses, and try going for classic white or soft colours.


You may want to bring your jeans along but we recommend that they should be the last thing to wear during your trip. Instead, you should wear shorts or long-wide pants. It's something different and you'll feel naturally comfortable in them as you take in the sights.


Midi skirts are another fine piece to bring along with you on your getaway trip. The best thing about a mini skirt is that it is a versatile piece. Designed with a relaxed silhouette and comfortable fabric, you will be sure to feel comfy even if you're in a hot country. The material is very breathable and allows for maximum comfort, which is equally chic and eye-catching. It's definitely a summer vibe look!


Holidays are a fantastic time to wear new dresses or jumpsuits if you don't have a wardrobe full of evening wear already. There are plenty of chic, high-street options available for that spring-summer feeling, whether it's just for going out to dinner or for a party. Maxi dresses and jumpsuits are elegant, easy to wear, and at the end of the day, they will always give you a flattering look. Pair it up with a comfortable sandal, some accessories and your favourite lipstick.


If you're somewhere close to the waters, you must bring one piece of swimwear or a two-piece bikini for your holiday. Choose a swimsuit that will make you feel confident on the beach or by the pool.


When spending your vacay with friends or loved ones, it's important to walk comfortably everywhere you go. Whether you're strolling around the old town or walking through the promenade, wearing the right shoes is necessary. A classic pair of leather sandals or sneakers will complement any on-trend outfit and protect your feet on long walks. 


Match your outfit with a lightweight, longline cover-up like a duster or a kimono that will leave you feeling glamorous on holiday. It's a perfect addition to your simple outfit (like a white tee and shorts) or over your swimsuit when you stop for lunch.


Looking flattering as ever, a straw hat will complement your summer outfit even further and perhaps is the best accessory of all. You can wear them on a beach holiday or as you scour through the city, any style of hats will make you look stunning. Pick one that suits your style - fedora, Panama, or boater. 

With these curated outfits, your vacay will seem like a fun-filled one. Try to mix and match your outfits so you can save space in your luggage. That way, you buy more items during the holiday.