Niko Neko Matcha has its comeback, and here's my personal review!

1. Environment: Aesthetic as always. The expansion of the shop was a great idea and way more spacious than 1.0. The interior of 1.0 was kinda small, even the dining area too. 1.5 gives much more space and people don’t need to squeeze for a dining space. Considering the part on the dining space is limited, I wouldn’t recommend a big group of friends to tag along, and if you do, make sure it’s even numbers or one needs to sit at the food waiting area.

The previous 1.0 area is now just for orders, the used-to-be florist area is now the bar/dining area/waiting area.

2. Parking: Took me 3 turns to get a parking at almost 4.30 pm on a Sunday. 

3. Food (Taste, price): Salted Caramel Matcha Dacquoise was small but amazing, and the price was slightly expensive (RM12). I got myself Yuri Matcha with Oat Milk with less sugar and less ice, it was a pretty good blend compared to what i usually had previously (Yuri Matcha with normal milk with less ice), but of course, slightly more expensive. More than 50% of the desserts were gone by 4.30 pm but that’s alright. My friend got Asam boi but I’m not a fan of the drink so I’m not the person to rate that since I took a sip and I was out 😂

4. Food waiting process: It’s not too long, around like 5-10 minutes. The dessert comes first, then the drinks.

5. Will I go back again: For 1.5, yes cause it’s much easier to park compared to 2.0 in Chinatown.

6. Overall review: 8.75/10 ✨