"The emphasis here is on the homemade sauces to complement the food."

Chef Arnold is using his family’s secret of sauce-making to expand his collection of sauces. He has created his own version of Salted Egg Yolk sauce which is also widely loved. Chef Arnold hopes to make Dip Dip a household name, such that every person knows where to look for a scrumptious remedy of homesickness. This sauce brings you the savory and tangy sensation of Dip Dip’s signature sauce, sooooo gooood!

Chef Arnold is well-known for his Classic Katsu Chicken; deep fried boneless chicken breast into golden perfection with a coating full of crunchy ripples.

He discovered that these two elements put together produces a mouth-watering dish. Also, he focuses on perfecting the art of sauce-making and make them versatile to go with any dish, such as Signature Cheesy Chicken & Marinated Grilled Chicken Chop.

Aside from Salted Egg Yolk sauce, Chef Arnold's other homemade sauces that you should give it a try are:

  • Black Pepper sauce (Chef's Pick)
  • Buttermilk sauce
  • Green Curry sauce
  • Curry Salted Egg sauce (NEW)
  • Spicy Mayo sauce (NEW)

With every bite coated with the sauce, it adds an intriguing new dimension when it touches your tongue.

So, let's try out The Sorcery of Sauces by Chef Arnold today ;)