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Did you know? Almost 80% of your immune system is represented by your gut!

A healthy gut = A healthy life.

Are you experiencing…

  • Gut disturbances?
  • Frequently falling ill?
  • Lack of appetite?
  • Slow recovery?

The SOLUTION starts from inside out with HEXBIO®.

HEXBIO® is a microbial cell preparation (MCP) containing 6 probiotic strains. Designed to target and improve gut health and overall well-being.


Take a step towards better digestion, immunity and recovery now with HEXBIO®.

Frequently Asked Questions

HEXBIO® is effective in treating gut disturbances such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and flatulence, indigestion, AGE, GERD, gastritis and many more! HEXBIO®’s efficacy has been proven by human clinical trials and endorsed by physicians.

Adults = 1 sachet twice daily Children = 1 sachet once daily HEXBIO® can be taken orally before or after meal. It can also be mixed in water, juice or milk (below 50°C) for consumption.

No. HEXBIO® is stable at room temperature and does not require refrigeration. Very convenient!

Yes, it is recommended for children aged 1 -12. In fact, HEXBIO® is safe and suitable to be consumed by all generations and ages!

Yes, it is suitable for pregnant women after their first trimester.

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