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Joseph & Debbie are a crazy young team committed to make the tastiest, healthiest & most delicious HANDMADE peanut butter. Without using any harmful preservatives, artificial flavors, or any chemical we can still make you fall in love with our peanut butter which is handmade with love

This crazy team take pride in doing things different from others and is constantly thinking of methods to improve in any other way from the mouth watering roasted peanut aroma when you first open the bottle of Jobbie peanut butter to the taste you'd literally die for.

We would like to thank those who helped us on our way by giving ideas, suggestion, advice etc. 



Frequently Asked Questions

There are only 3 simple ingredients: Peanut, Sugar and Salt. We do have Pure peanut butter version which has no sugar and no salt added.

No, Jobbie Nut Butter contains no added oil.

No. Jobbie Nut Butter is all-natural and without any added preservatives, artificial flavors and colourings.

Yes, Jobbie Nut Butter is certified HALAL by Jakim Malaysia.

Yes. Jobbie Nut Butter is a 100% vegan-friendly peanut butter.

Our peanut butter has around 11 months shelf life. All Jobbie Nut Butter are vacuum packed to last this long. However, it is recommended to consume Jobbie Nut Butter within 3 months for the best taste. Keep Jobbie Nut Butter refrigerated or at cool, dark, dry place. Refrigerate it for best freshness.

No. You can keep Jobbie Nut Butter at room temperature. However, it is recommended to keep Jobbie Nut Butter refrigerated immediately once received to maintain the freshness. The peanut butter might become slightly hardens but still easily spreadable.

Creamy version peanut butter is finely ground and smooth, while Chunky version peanut butter has extra crispy peanut chunks added.

Pure peanut butter contains no sugar and no salt, while Classic peanut butter's ingredients are peanut, sugar and salt.

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