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老张记 Lao Zhang Ji


Lao Zhang Ji : An abode filled with diverse tastes of the region.

Somewhere in Zhang Village, there is a place called “Lao Zhang Ji” where all the different flavours of the national culinary delights are gathered. Cheong Hoong's elder brother has amassed various products which do not use chemical preservatives and flavours.

He went to neighbouring countries until he found simple, down-to-earth and traditional culinary delights which have preserved their original flavours. Thus, by doing so “Lao Zhang Ji” has become a heaven for traditional food which has preserved the original flavours of yesteryears.

Together with Cheong Hoong, which specializes in local products, Lao Zhang Ji prides itself in regional products, a continuation from Cheong Hoong's spirit.

Both complement each other to bring out the best products.


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