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Medilink-Global UK Limited (“Medilink-Global”), a Jersey-incorporated public limited company, is the ultimate holding company of MedilinkGlobal (M) Sdn Bhd (“Medilink Malaysia”) and Medilink-Global TPA Pte Ltd (“Medilink Singapore”). Through these subsidiary companies, Medilink-Global provides Third Party Administration Services to Health Insurers and Corporate Organizations to administer their medical claims. Medilink-Global its bespoke, time-tested and proprietary Claims Management System and Solution to Health Insurance Companies and large Employers.

Indeed, the business activity of Medilink-Global, broadly promoted and marketed under our registered brand name, MEDILINK-GLOBAL, commenced in Malaysia in February 2001 when we first rolled out our services to the insurance industry. Medilink-Global continued to serve the industry by providing systems and solutions, infrastructure and administrative services to support the Claims Management for Individual Health and Group Health (Employee Benefits) products.

Medilink-Global is, indeed, one among several companies providing Third Party Administration (TPA) services. BUT, we are ONE among the ONLY Third Party Administrator (TPA) which have the technological competency, domain knowledge and successful track record to implement Claims Management System and Solutions, on a Software License basis, for large Insurance Companies and Corporate Organizations which chose to administer their medical claims internally (“in-source”).

Our Claims Management System, which was in-house developed, primarily focused on the Medical Benefit domain and its features and functionality are, therefore, predominantly Claims-centric. Through its 17 years of TPA operations in Malaysia, our company pioneered the B.O.O.M. in our business strategy i.e. build, own, operate and maintain the Operating System and Infrastructure code-named as Electronic Claims Clearing System (ECCS) which comprises Credit Card Terminals deployed at healthcare institutions and facilities which are connected via phone lines or Internet Protocol (IP) to our server-based Claims Management Systems to perform real time eligibility verification of plans and benefits as well as on-line processing and validation of high-volume low-value out-patient claims transaction.

Today, the healthcare providers which constituted the Medilink-Global’s electronic health card network comprises more than 2,000 General Practice Clinics and several hundred private hospitals and Specialist Clinics in Malaysia and Singapore.

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