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Merry Me an ice cream parlour with the motto “Ice Cream & Beyond”,

started designing Malaysian influenced flavoured ice cream since 2016.

The name Merry Me comes from the idea of ice-creams

bringing joy & happiness in every meal.

The logo of a unicorn to symbolize uniqueness, energy, and strength.

Merry Me always had the vision of being one of the top Food & Beverages

 in Malaysia with its unique concept of local-inspired ice cream.

Merry Me has always been proud in being awesomely Malaysian ,

the idea came when people are starting to think western flavoured ice-creams are being too mainstream and the market is demanding a touch of uniqueness; then the question came,

why not Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream?

​Merry Me started off with 2 amazing flavours, 

Gula Melaka, and Salted Egg Cookies and Cream,

it was a top hit since 2016 till today.

During May 2017, Merry Me decided to widen their range of Malaysian inspired ice-cream, undergoing a year of research and development period

with the end product of a selection of 7 new locally inspired flavours.

The fleet of 9 Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream set sails on Mid-July 2018

with the motive, passion, and mission of bringing these unique flavours.

Not only for the local society but also one day to bring these flavours to the world with the Malaysian flag on its sails.​

We all can’t deny as Malaysian, we are always proud of our local flavours, even if we were to travel, we very often compare foreign food with ours, and the result is usually the same,

the first thing we do when we land at the airport is to head to the favourite joint in town.

​Food has always been a Malaysian thing, we just love it, and Merry Me brought it a step further.

People always ask us, why Malaysia Inspired Ice-cream?

We said why not? And the story starts.

​We are always happy to share our story of how Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream came from,

it still gives us goosebumps when we talk about it and a sense of fulfilment,

spreading patriotism with society.

​Being the first of its kind,

Merry Me would be eagerly awaiting the day to bring

Malaysian Inspired Ice-cream to the world.

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No. 6 (GF), Medan Sunway Wellesley 2, Pusat Perniagaan Sunway Wellesley, , 14000, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia

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