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Threelicious Enterprise is specialized in Frozen Pork Patties. We followed our hearts and it led us to burgers with a very passionate and self-made ingredient added into a tasty with an authentic taste of our juicy and tender homemade marinated pork patties. 

Therefore we are creating our burger with a promising quality, consistent, and delicious homemade recipe. 

With this recipe, all our burgers are creating with love down to the little details ensuring that our customers will always enjoy the real genuine authentic taste hamburger delivering to your doorstep. 

Our burger and patties with a promising quality, consistent, and delicious homemade recipe.

  • 100% pork meat with (100g).
  • No MSG added.
  • No preservative added.
  • Non processed meat.

Available at:


17-09, Plaza Menjalara Idaman, Bandar Sri Menjalara, 52200, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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