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Oppa Kimchi is a local homemade kimchi rich in natural probiotics without artificial colouring and flavouring. Why us? Because our kimchi is simply as good as omma’s.

Did you know that kimchi can actually be kept for years without turning bad? The longer you keep, the better it is. The probiotics in it is good for your gut and general wellness, not forgetting the savoury spicy and sour taste of our kimchi!

Our product is currently available in: 450 g glass jar

Not enough? If you would like to customize your order size (more than 450 g, e.g. 1 kg), kindly provide to us your own container, and we will weigh in and quote to you separately.

There are three (3) spicy levels 🌶️🌶️🌶️ (for your first purchase, we advise giving the first level a try 😋).

You may return to us used jar(s) originally provided by us to enjoy discount on your next order – a reward for saving the environment!

Here’s how it works:

1) First order, no discount
2) 2nd order, get a new bottle from us and return used jar from 1st order during collection of 2nd order.
3) 3rd order, order using used jar and enjoy discount for each bottle of used jar.

Don’t worry, your returned jars will be marked and only be used for your next order as we do not mix them. All our jars are sterilised by heat prior to packaging.

Place order either by:

1. WhatsApp 016-6474554 OR
2. filling out our form at http://tiny.cc/oppakimchi

Payment method:
Advanced bank transfer or COD is accepted.

We do not operate at any physical stores at the moment.



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