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The (History/Origin) of Paraller :

Due to the belief that having a healthy skin along with a positive and confident soul are the key to happiness, we strongly believe that skin care is deeply associated with the idea of being healthy. Therefore, the real concept of skin care should consist of rational skin care routine and to give only what the skin needs. And these are what we should be looking for to have a beautiful and radiant skin.
Holding firmly to these beliefs, we named our brand Paraller — “Balance defender”

Company’s background :

Paraller was founded on 26th of December 2018. It is a range of specially formulated skin care to overcome sensitive skin by restoring the weakened skin barrier back to its healthy state.

Our main missions are to help more people to restore their healthy skin and provide the best service to our customers.

Based on the team’s professionalism as well as safe and effective products, Paraller and her local and overseas’ agents work hand-in-hand to provide the most professional and best service to all Malaysians and overseas customers.

Words from the founder :

Paraller skin care was established on 26th of December 2018 by Pinky Diong.

Pinky :

Just like any other women, after I gave birth to my first child, I faced a dilemma between my family and career. I needed to have a career that I could juggle between my family freely. Everything became history on the day when my husband said “Go! Just go and find a job that you will be happy and contented with!” Thus, I chose online business which only requires a hand phone, a firm belief and a self-discipline to start my career.

I strongly believe that the trends of online business cater to women’s awareness, independence as well as freedom to manage between family and careers.

With all the variety of products available in the market, I noticed that products with the “3-no” aren’t the choice anymore. Therefore, Paraller focuses on consumers who are knowledgeable, health-conscious and yearn to pursue their dreams to restore their healthy skin.

I am going to use my actions to prove to myself and family that:

as women, we not only live confidently and beautifully while managing family but also to be financially secure through Paraller Skin Care.

蜂皇浆蜜颜霜 ROYAL JELLY TONE-UP CREAM (50ML) (RM219.00)

医疗专用布料海藻纤维面膜 RELIEF MASK (30ML/PCS, 5 PCS/BOX) (RM139.00)

天竺葵洁肤凝胶脸霜 GERANIUM CLEANSING GEL (120ML) (RM109.00)





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