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About Us

SBL Sin Ban Lee Hardware Sdn Bhd

manufactures and supplies a full range of oil palm sickle,oil palm chisel, oil palm axe and hook for all your plantation requirements over 50 years. Our office and factory is located in Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia.


Nui family understand that the quality of palm oil highly depends on the process of proper harvesting. In three generations, nui family was determined to manufactured harvesting tools which deliver intact fresh fruit bunches with minimal bruises. Our product are manufactured in traditional way with skillfull handcraft to assure the quality of product,high grade of spring steel been uses as raw material for our product ( i.e. oil palm sickle , oil palm chisel ,oil palm axe , lifter bush , parang chopper ,rubber tapper and other custom-made product to fulfill harvester's needs. Nui family has manufactured harvesting agricutural tools for past 85 years in jenjarom ,selangor malaysia. We has upgraded to semi automated machinery production in order to able meet the increasing market demand, Third generation successor MR NUI LEAN HUAT AND MR NUI LIAN SIN constanly innovation and develop new technologies ,imported advanced and customized machinery such as stamping machinery , air hammer , and heat treatment machinery , few millions ringggit malaysia has been invested in reserch and development to improve product quality and productivity. In year 2017, our new production plant will be start operation, the new production plants covers an area of 25000 square feet, it will be increasing the production capacity to much higher, to meet the demand of different countries. Beside our home country malaysia, we also export to other oversea contries such as the world largest oil palm producers indonesia, thailand , south africa , papua new guinea and also latin america country. SBL M222A was our registered trademark, there is only one production plants in malaysia, even in indonesia we had no other joint ventured or any production factory , except our authorised agent distributors, so please beware of imitation product.

Products and Services

Our products are under manufactured by all skilled craftsmen those are only specialized in harvesting tools with semi automated manufacturing process to assured the SBL M222A harvesting tools, raw material are imported from Gremany and Japan. Provide after sales service back by SBL."THE AGRICUTURAL TOOLS MASTER" is the motto and slogan that used to the design and manufacture of SBL M222A product. We believe in a high cutting egde performance harvesting tools for a good harvest.

  • SBL M222A Harvesting Oil Palm Sickle /油棕镰刀
  • SBL M222A Oil Palm Chisel / 油棕铲
  • SBL Master Sickle Safety Kit / 镰刀师傅
  • SBL M222A Aluminium Harvesting Pole
  • SBL M222A Sharpening stone
  • SBL M222A Loading spike
  • SBL M222A Parang Chopper / 劈刀
  • SBL M222A Axe with handle pole
  • SBL Nylon Clamps With Handle
  • SBL M222A Harvesting Axe / 油棕斧
  • SBL M222A coconut sickle
  • SBL M222A J-hook
  • SBL M222A J-tapper (rubber tapper)
  • SBL M222A Waist Knife / 腰刀
  • SBL M222A Safety Product
  • BS clamps / T- clamps


14, Jalan 11, Kawasan Perusahaan Batu 12, Sungai Rambai, 42600, Jenjarom, Selangor, Malaysia

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