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XlimBa started since 2019 and is 100% Malaysian owned with an aim to help people manage their weight and improve their health in a healthy way. We carefully created our product to be super effective in the most natural and easy way possible.

XlimBa was founded by 4 passionate individuals with a humble heart to help people achieve their body goals in the healthiest way possible. XlimBa is also ran by a team of experienced weight management professionals.

XlimBa is very serious about the authenticity of our products, that's why we implement a high-tech product authenticity mechanism for all our products by collaborating with QRTAC System. This way customers can scan the product before purchasing to verify the authenticity of the product.

XlimBa is formulated in Japan. We are proud that all our ingredients used are from 100% natural ingredients with proven ZERO side effects.

XlimBa has a number of agents throughout Malaysia to help people gain access to our product in an easy way. Customers can contact our agents via Facebook or Instagram.


XlimBa gained approval from the:

*Malaysia Ministry of Health

*SGS (Lab Tested)




XlimBa is insured by AmGeneral Insurance Berhad with RM2,000,000 product liability.

XlimBa believe that achieving beauty and good health can be easy, therefore our tagline: "Beauty With Ease".




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