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YouCipta is an interactive platform for intellectual property (IP) commercialisation that aims to connect companies, particularly start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with other companies, inventors, and research institutions. The YouCipta platform showcases IP information of intangible assets available for assignment, licensing, or free distribution. Focusing on the worldwide market starting from Malaysia and South East Asia, YouCipta helps users identify potentially useful inventions having commercial values and guiding them towards successful collaboration.

  • YouCipta is the best place for you if:
  • You have the IP, and you would like to sell/license it to others.
  • Would like to expand your market, but do not have the capability.
  • Would like to scale-up production of your invention, but do not have the facility.
  • Would like to cross-license your IP (get permission to use other’s and let them use yours).
  • Have the funding, but do not have IP for things you are interested in.
  • Are looking for partner and opportunity to expand your business through IP.
  • Have an idea to develop into a marketable IP, but do not have facilities to research.
  • Have the R&D facilities, but do not have any idea.
  • 3 Benefits of Listing Your IP to a YouCipta Online Directory:
  • Stand out from your competitors by making your business presence online through IP
  • Advertise your IP here for FREE by listing at YouCipta
  • Uplift your brand image when you and your IP get known by a larger market

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