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Fancying with cheese cake? Where to get the Best Asian Cheese Cake in town?

Alongside all the sweet treats, no food is more synonymous with cheesecake. The sweet treat of cream cheese, fresh eggs and a crumbly crust is enjoying a revival in popularity recently.

Cat & the Fiddle specialized in cheesecake, created by award-winning patisserie Daniel Tay, they provide the best cheesecake flavours for all occasions.

Halal Certified- YES

Delivery- YES (Available in KL & Selangor)

These are the TOP recommended flavours for you, no matter you like it velvety, creamy, sweet or fancy. Sure, can fit you either one.

MUST TRY CLASSIC CHOICE - New York Classic American Cheesecake - Over the Moon

Not simple as you thought! Have a bite of the classic New York continental cheesecake with rich cream cheese and vanilla beans. It’s a fully-baked classic cake that will have you reminiscing of those nostalgic times you had with your family devouring a slice of this wonderful cheese.

The greedy stomach, you know what to do- Fickle Feline

Comprising 10 slices of gourmet cheesecake, each one a completely different flavour from the next, this colourful amalgamation promises to satisfy all lust for variety. This is the ultimate cheesecake smorgasbord with something for everyone.


Chocolate Fan Must Pick- Naughty and Nice- Devil Chocolate Cheesecake

Together this indulgent two-in-one masterpiece that marries a decadent Devil’s chocolate cake with the most luscious cream cheese. The result? A devilishly sinful chocolate cheesecake layered with rich premium couverture chocolate mousse and topped off with pillows of fluffy sponge.


Mao San Wang- King Cat of the mountain- DURIAN CHEESECAKE

If you are the loyal durian enthusiast, take a moment to appreciate its visually-arresting façade crowned with cubes of soft sponge, then prepare to have your breath taken away with its dreamy innards of durian sponge cake and durian-studded cream cheese.  Be surprise and fix your durian craving now.

Wait, wanted to know more STAR flavours of cheese cake for your special occasions or fixing your sweet tooth, check their sites now. 

To place your orders or to make further enquiries, visit Cat & the Fiddle or call +6018 872 1818.



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