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Sumo's is becoming a familiar name when snack food comes into mind. Despite the achievements we claim pride; we constantly improve ourselves by venturing into R & D of delightful snack foods and shares with food lovers from all over the world.

Popcorn is very delicious in addition to being a nutritious product. It has got a lot of carbohydrates which are used by the body in the production of energy. This keeps someone energized for longer without feeling fatigued. As a matter of fact, popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks as it is very low on fat content and high on fiber and energy which is required by the body for normal functioning. Popcorn has been made and snacked on for many years and is popular in nearly every part of the world.

Popcorn can be said to be the most popular food items in the world. People everywhere from all walks of life buy snacks more than any other food item. Snacks can be eaten in between meals, when watching movies or even just for fun. This makes the snacks industry a very lucrative one especially for someone with the right consumer target and the right product. Among the most popular snacks in the world, popcorns are among the very top of the list. They are the symbol for snacks and are mostly taken when people are having fun together or even watching a movie.

Sumo's Gourmet Popcorn is highly expand and coated with Belgium butter and Caramel. We invested to a high quality of commercial popcorn machine and production line and pop with the good quality of popcorn seed. Sumo's Coated Caramel popcorn served in hot and it is definite snack for all occasions. Popcorn and caramel lovers will also get hooked! Despite our signature butter caramel, we also have venture into different popcorn flavor such as chocolate, creamy cheddar cheese, curry bbq, Durian and ect.

Today, Sumo's stand resolute as industry leader backed by 20 years of extensive experience and knowledge. We also have in depth knowledge of setting up a smooth operating snack outlets for passionate business startups. We provide training to ensure standardized quality across all outlets. We share recipes and educate business owners on the food making process, kiosk operation system and machineries maintenance support.

Sumos Malaysia Sdn Bhd NO 15, JALAN 1, KAWASAN PERINDUSTRIAN LEKAS 18, 43500, SEMENYIH, SELANGOR, Malaysia

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