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Our Company

TankQ’ journey to achieving its current reputable position has been a remarkable one. From a small fishkeeping and aquarium services operator, it has grown by leap and bounds to be one of the key players in the industry today.Driven by a young and dynamic team of visionaries,the team turned into a repository of aquariums setup and livestock supplies which most aquarist and hobbyist enthusiast sought after.

Our Specialization

Do you want us to come and provide you with custom made aquarium that you have been dreamed for? Trust us! TankQ can make your dreams come true!

i. For Your Home, Your Sanctuary (Interior and Exterior)

To bring a custom-designed aquarium or living reef into your home is to enter a new world of beauty, elegance, and fascination. No family member or guest, young or old, will be able to resist the wonder of this living spectacle that glows with color and evolves constantly. TankQ skilled designers will build your aquatic installation to your specifications, working with your preferred style, and using the aquarium and cabinetry materials that are best and most appropriate for your particular space. TankQ work for you, your interior designer, or even your architect to ensure that your aquarium or living reef perfectly enhances your home’s décor.

ii. A Work Of Art For Your Workspace, Your Business

As TankQ take pride in your homes, TankQ also take pride in your work environments and make them true expressions of your individuality, your style, and especially your success. TankQ will custom-design the ideal soothing aquarium for your office. TankQ can create an aquatic environment as grand as you desire as to impress and inspire yourself, your staff and your clientele. TankQ interior installations complement yout interior design and are tailored to the specific needs of your building, our exterior installations are as long-lasting and durable as they are gorgeous at the first glance! As always, we will provide you with as much or as little service and maintenance as you require – quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

Aquarium Maintenance

Do you know that TankQ also provides complete aquarium maintenance? Our highly trained and professional crew is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are available for customer questions, emergencies and special needs of any aquarium situations.

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